Providing educational resources and monetary grants to IT professionals.

How Did Technocation Start?

Many companies provide resources for training and education.  However, sometimes those resources are not enough, or certain learning opportunities denied because they are not squarely in a person's job focus.
Sharing knowledge is also expensive.  Writing a book is not a money-making venture, and speaking at different locations is not easy to fund.

Technocation was the answer...

How Can I Help?

Technocation wants:

  1. Volunteers to provide services (see )
  2. Leaders to volunteer time to help structure the organization
  3. Ideas for technology to research and develop
  4. Low-interest loan applicants
  5. Companies or individuals with short-term or one-off consulting contracts -- for instance, helping debug a slow application, or reviewing a database schema.
  6. Donations -- all donations (products and money) are deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  You can specify which project should receive your donation, distribute it among more than one project, or simply leave it up to Technocation to decide the best use of your donation.  Check out our wish list at

What Can Technocation Do For Me?

Technocation can:

  • Provide low-interest educational loans to attend conferences or take training courses
  • Provide fee-based consulting services
  • Promote free and open-source technology
  • Provide free pre-recorded workshops, lectures and demonstrations
  • Assist user groups in finding speakers and resources for meetings

Backups Video Presentation From Jan 2006 Boston MySQL User Group

The Boston MySQL User Group was successful yet again! I was a bit worried about my presentation, that it would be too basic or folks would have wanted to see actual code and scripts, but it turned out well.

Special thanx to Mike Kruckenberg for taking the video and taking pictures!

Folks who were at the presentation — feel free to let me know what you thought of it. Folks not at the presentation — feel free to watch the video and let me know what you think. You can download the PDF slides here.

Book Reviewer Needed -- MySQL (5.0) Cookbook

Technocation and the OurSQL podcast is looking for volunteers to review the latest edition of the MySQL Cookbook by Paul DuBois,  This version, released Nov. 1 2006, is updated for MySQL 5.0.

You can sign up to write a written review on (and it will be submitted to the book's websites as well) or to record a review to be featured on the OurSQL podcast.  In return, you will receive credit as a featured writer/voice and get to keep your review copy of the book.  You will share rights to the review with Technocation, so that you can post the article wherever you choose, and Technocation can also post the review to the website or to the OurSQL podcast.


Welcome to Technocation!

This not-for-profit corporation is currently in its infancy, having began on August 1st, 2006.

If you would like to volunteer or donate resources, please use the Feedback Form or e-mail us at

For more information, see the FAQs.

Thank you!

What is Technocation all About?

Technocation is an international not-for-profit providing education and resources for professional IT development.

Who Benefits from Technocation?

If you are an IT professional or want to learn more about IT, but lack the resources to do so, Technocation is for you.  
Technocation does not help teach basic computer skills; rather, it allows people to learn about technologies, software and architectures so they can do their technological jobs better.