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MySQL Winter of Code

MySQL Security Presentation at Boston MySQL User Group Meeting

The February Boston MySQL User Group meeting was great! I spoke about MySQL security; you can now download the slides (see below)

Topics covered in the talk:
Test dbs & anonymous accounts
OS files and permissions
Application data flow
SQL Injection
XSS (Cross-site scripting)

PDF of slides (1.4M):

Slides in Flash (107K):

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There are many folks who want to go to the MySQL Users Conference in Santa Clara, California from April 23 - 27.  However, not everyone can afford to go.  Technocation is committed to helping folks get the education and networking contacts so important to IT professionals.  So, we're opening up our very first campaign!

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MySQL 5.0 binaries

NOTE: This page is likely outdated. Updated MySQL 5.0+ software is available at:

This page lists links to MySQL 5.0 binaries. If you have a MySQL binary you would like listed here, please contact -- if you would like, we will also provide free hosting for the binary if you prefer to minimize your bandwidth.

The official MySQL enterprise binaries are only available via a MySQL contract -- see for price, product and service comparisons. All contracts include support.

We believe that MySQL will alternate versions and release numbers (much like the Linux Kernel) odd being community, even being enterprise. Enterprise and Community versions are the same, up to MySQL 5.0.33, the first separate version.

Brian Aker Speaks at the Boston User Group, January 2007

Watch Brian speak to the Boston MySQL User Group.Technocation, Inc. received a donation of a Sony Handycam DCR SR80 ( ), extra-long battery, microphone (proprietary Sony that goes with the camera).

In a short sentence: I am impressed. The sound quality (on the large version) is almost exactly what I heard. Granted, I have some hearing loss, but I forgot to bring the microphone, and you can still hear audience questions very well. The video quality is great, too. The hard disk is perfect, because files can be copied over or burned directly to DVD. It records in MPEG-4 format.

The 1 hour 38 minute talk took up less than 6 gigs of space raw (I forget how much exactly, but it cuts the files into 2G chunks, and there were 3). This gives at least 10 hours of recording time before needing to dump to disk. This is a very exciting prospect for the MySQL Conference and Expo at the end of April, I’ll be able to video a LOT.