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Log Buffer #77: a Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Welcome to the 77th edition of Log Buffer, the weekly review of database blogs.
This is the last Log Buffer of 2007. . . a time for looking back at the year, looking ahead to the next, and generally focusing on time.
It may not be the Oscars, but Firebird News is thrilled that Firebird is Sourceforge’s [...]

InnoDB’s Adaptive Hash

MySQL’s manual page for InnoDB’s adaptive hash states:
If a table fits almost entirely in main memory, the fastest way to perform queries on it is to use hash indexes. InnoDB has a mechanism that monitors index searches made to the indexes defined for a table. If InnoDB notices that queries could benefit building a [...]

Query Profiling Tools — part 1, mysqlsla

The “sla” in mysqlsla stands for “statement log analyzer”. This does a much better job than mysqldumpslow of analyzing your slow query log. In fact, you can sort by many different parameters — by sheer number of times the query shows up in the slow query log, by the total or average query [...]

MySQL: “SOUNDS LIKE” vs. Full-Text search

A friend of mine asked me:
I’m hoping you can help me out with something — I’m trying to optimize a search feature. Since it uses a MySQL database, the search already uses the LIKE statement to get matches for a search query, we might be needing something more flexible. I found mention on MySQL’s website [...]

Sheeri’s First Week at Pythian

The Pythian family got a new song last Monday — “Sheeri” means “my song” in Hebrew. This post on my own blog explains how I got the job.
High winds delayed my flight last Monday, and we’ve had two snow storms since I arrived. Luckily, my real-life context switch has not been too difficult. [...]

MySQL Query Profiling Tools — part 0, Ma’atkit Query Profiler

Today I’ve been checking out a new client environment. My mission is to figure out (cold) some of the characteristics of the queries being run, and particularly if they’re “good” or “bad”. In my arsenal of “tools I really want to check out” has been Ma’atkit’s Query Profiler.
They’re very different tools. Ma’atkit’s query [...]

Scaling MySQL via Replication and Sharding OpenSQLCamp Video

Scaling MySQL via Replication and Sharding - Peter Zaitsev, CEO of Percona

This session discusses how to use replication and sharding to scale your systems very large.

Video - MySQL Questions: Corruption and Upgrades

MySQL Boston September/October 2007 User Group

Before the MySQL Proxy tutorial at the September/October Boston MySQL User Group, we had a few questions. This video has those questions -- odd myisam corruption from having 2 machines with the same server-id and a question on upgrading Mysql from 3 to 5, with a followup on how to figure out when to upgrade.

OurSQL Episode 23: Back To School

Current MySQL Webinars:

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MySQL University:
Classes for October 2007:
Architecture of NBD
Following a Query Back and Forth in the Server
How to Create a Test Case

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Skoll -- Community-Based Testing Framework
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