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The Sun Comes to Boston, Join the Live Videocast!

On Monday, March 10th, Sun makes a stop in Boston on its world tour of “Mashup Meetups”.
If you can’t make it in person, join us on the live ustream videocast at:
Currently there’s a promo for your viewing pleasure at (see “Video Clips”). I am very excited about this new videocast for the [...]

Working at Pythian: 3 Months In

Well, in the “notes from the front line” part of this post….
I have been a MySQL DBA at The Pythian Group for three months (and 2 days) now. At most companies that is the probationary period, and I am still here, so that is a good sign…..
So, after three months, how do I like [...]

MySQL March Boston User Group + MySQL/Sun Mashup World Tour

In summary:
Who: you, me, MySQL/Sun
What: MySQL User Group with free swag, food, and a short workshop to boot.
When: 7-9 pm, Monday March 10th
Where: MIT Building E-51, room 372
Why: why the heck not! Because Sun just bought MySQL, and because there’s a user group each month.
How: RSVP optional but requested [...]

Slides for Shmoocon 2008 Database Security Talk

The slides for today's presentation at Shmoocon are here:

Just a note so folks at the conference can download them whenever they want. Folks not at the conference can, too but the slides don't give away the whole talk so I don't know how useful they're going to be.....

Find All Tables With No Primary Key

A friend asked for this, so I thought it’d be helpful:
All tables with no primary key:

select CONCAT(t.table_name,".",t.table_schema) as tbl,
AND constraint_name='PRIMARY')
WHERE t.table_schema!="information_schema"
AND constraint_name IS NULL;

All tables and their primary keys, if exist:

Web Crawling 1.0

In Stuffing Six Million Pages Down Google’s Throat, Tim O’Reilly brings up a point, and some questions:
. . . just how poorly the big search engines index small sites with large collections of data . . .
But it’s worth thinking about absolute (and temporary) limits to the growth of Web 2.0. What constraints do [...]

8 for 2008

Well, Paul Vallee tagged me, and as I haven’t yet passed my probationary period I should probably answer the call…..
Eight things about me that aren’t common knowledge:

I like to start lists with 0. I stole that idea from a friend of mine, who is not a computer geek…completely.
I’m more of a “problem solver” engineer [...]

Source Controlling the Database Schema

In a linkage of biblical proportions, Log Buffer #83 pointed me to Tom Kyte’s reiteration which pointed me to Coding Horror’s rant about source controlling the database schema.
Now, for starters, I agree with Tom’s sarcasm and Coding Horror’s rant — the database schema really should be source controlled in the same place as the application [...]

The Value of Vendor-Neutral Database Certification

A company has come up with a vendor-neutral database certification exam. Some are wondering how much use this will be, as it doesn’t go into vendor-specificities. Now, the specifics of how a query optimizer handles queries, how backups, restores and security are done and with MySQL specifically, how different storage engines act are [...]


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