OSCon 2008 Video: Open Invention Network and Its Role in Open Source and Linux

Keith Bergelt of the Open Invention Network delivers the keynote, "Open Invention Network and Its Role in Open Source and Linux".

Stream directly online at http://technocation.org/node/590/play or download the 216 Mb .wmv file at http://technocation.org/node/590/download.

The keynote's description from the conference web page is:

The Keynote will outline the role of Open Invention Network in Open Source and describe the ways in which Capital, Leadership and Strategy are being leveraged to ensure the onward organic growth and development of Linux.

The session will examine the opportunities and challenges that Linux faces from a patent perspective and offer insights into Open Invention Network efforts to create a patent “no fly zone” around Linux. In addition, a likely timeline will be presented that suggests critical potential ‘impact zones’ where patents may become increasingly relevant to Linux’s growth.

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