Video: Replication Tutorial

At the 2008 MySQL Users Conference and Expo, Lars Thalmann and Mats Kindahl gave a tutorial on replication. Watch the video here

Slides and full information at

Even though setting up MySQL Replication is a relatively simple task, there are several things that can be configured. In this tutorial, the developers behind MySQL Replication start by explaining the architecture and concepts and walk you through a configuration to show what you can do with it.

After getting an understanding of the setup, the tutorial continues with examples of using more advanced features like row-based replication, cluster replication, tricks of using the mysqlbinlog client program on the binary log, and fail-over solutions.

The tutorial ends with a brief summary of the new features that are being developed and how they can be used.

Eric Bergen wrote up notes in blog posts about part 1 and part 2.