Video: Intro to XtraDB, a Scalable InnoDB-based Storage Engine

Video for the presentation at the 2009 MySQL Camp:

Intro to XtraDB, a Scalable InnoDB-based Storage Engine
Ewen Fortune (Percona)

XtraDB is a storage engine for MySQL based on the InnoDB storage engine, designed to better scale on modern hardware, and including a variety of other features useful in high performance environments. It is fully backwards compatible, and so can be used as a drop-in replacement for standard InnoDB.

XtraDB includes all of InnoDB’s robust, reliable ACID-compliant design and advanced MVCC architecture, and builds on that solid foundation with more features, more tunability, more metrics, and more scalability. In particular, it is designed to scale better on many cores, to use memory more efficiently, and to be more convenient and useful. The new features are especially designed to alleviate some of InnoDB’s limitations. Vadim will talk about current status of XtraDB and directions of development.