Video: InnoDB Database Recovery Techniques

Video for the presentation at the 2009 MySQL Camp:
InnoDB Database Recovery Techniques
Peter Zaitsev (Percona)

Have you ever had Innodb database corrupted or have deleted data accidentally and want it back ? This session will go through various approaches you can use to get most of your data back using MySQL build in features as well as third party open source tool.

This session speaks about Innodb database recovery techniques (apart from recovering from back).

First we will discuss various types of Innodb corruption and data loss scenarios ranging from user error to hardware failures.

Then we will look at Innodb storage data structure to see what foundations does it has for corruption discovery and recovery.

Then we will go into approaches one can use to recover data including:

* Recovering Innodb dictionary running our of sync with .idb files
* Recovering minor corruptions using innodb_force_recovery and build-in MySQL Features
* Recovering deleted data and dropped tables using Innodb Recovery Tools package
* Dealing with complex data loss scenarios such as failed filesystem or failed RAID subsystem.