Trouble with Percona blog at

In the past few days it has come to my attention that some people are having problems with Percona's blog at I was told that trackbacks seem to be broken and some comments were not showing up.

Anyone else having any problems with what looks like censorship? [edit: trackbacks were a technical error, Dave's comment was trapped in a spam trap. Still looking for people to comment whether or not they're seeing a similar issue, as it's important for people to check to see if their comments are showing up.]

I did a little investigating. The specific complaints were that Dave Edwards of The Pythian Group and Giuseppe Maxia had comments that never showed up. In Dave's case, he was trying to manually add a trackback, since trackbacks were not working and he was trying to link to his Log Buffer post #158.

I saw that as recently as August 8th, trackbacks were expected by the software and by Percona. is a trackback, and 2 posts below Peter explains it. If you scroll up a bit you'll see that before the comments but after the blog post, there are some links on the right-hand side of the middle section that say "Comment RSS :: Trackback URI"

A recent entry shows that there are no trackback links:

The Article Republishing Guideline specifically says "If you republish article on the web you need to provide direct link to original article on this site. You want to do that anyway as this way your visitors get more information via comments." That directly speaks to the idea of having trackbacks show up.

Dave tried to do a "manual trackback" and enter in a comment with the link, but the comment was never approved. At FrOSCon, Giuseppe mentioned that none of his recent comments to Percona have been accepted.

Is anyone else having problems like this? Is it censorship or a technical issue? [edit: Was a technical issue for 2 out of the 3 issues.]