OurSQL Episode 95: Finding data at OSCON

This week, we talk with Sarah Novotny about Data at O'Reilly Open Source Convention - OSCON. Listen for a 20% off discount code!

The 1st Latin American Conference on MySQL, NoSQL and Cloud Technologies will be held in Buenos Aires from Tuesday June 26 through Thursday June 28th at the Hilton Buenos Aires.

OSCon will be held Monday Jul 16th through 20th

MySQL Connect will be held in San Francisco on Saturday September 29th and Sunday September 30th. This is a technical conference about MySQL, bringing together MySQL engineers at Oracle and the MySQL Community, and will include sessions about the latest MySQL features and roadmaps.

Percona Live: New York City 2012 will be held from Monday, Oct 1st through Tuesday Oct 2nd.

SkySQL Trainings

Percona Tranings

Oracle's MySQL Trainings

Data at OSCon

Data at OSCon schedule

Discount code: OS12UG

Ear Candy

At the Movies
We present Steve Yegge at OSCon 2011 talking about changing projects within Google.

Where You Can See Us
Sheeri and Gerry will both be speaking at the The 1st Latin American Conference about MySQL, NoSQL and Cloud technologies in Buenos Aires, Argentina from Tuesday, June 26 through Thursday, June 28th.

The July Seattle MySQL User Group will meet on Monday July 2nd at 7 pm.

Sheeri will be doing an Oracle speaking tour of Central America

The July Boston MySQL User Group - Wed July 18th at the Mozilla Boston office space, where I will talk about MySQL Security.

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