OurSQL Episode 84: Going to the Big Show

This week we give an overview of Percona Live and what we think are the highlights, including which sessions we recommend for beginners and which we cannot wait to see for ourselves.

On Tuesday June 5th, 2012, a MySQL Innovation Day is being hosted at Oracle’s Conference Center in Redwood Shores, California. The MySQL Innovation day will feature multiple “lightning” talks by Oracle’s MySQL Engineers, If you cannot make it out to California, the lightning talks will be available via a live webcast, too - so either way, save the date! Unfortunately there's no link yet.

MariaDB 5.5 beta announcement

Free Oracle Technology Network MySQL User Forum in Tokyo, Japan on Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

Percona's XtraDB cluster announcement
XtraDB Webinar on Wednesday April 4th

SkySQL is offering a training on Performance Tuning MySQL:
Boston Apr 02, 2012 – Apr 05, 2012
Paris May 15, 2012 – May 18, 2012
Paris Jun 18, 2012 – Jun 21, 2012

Full SkySQL Training Schedule and Classes

There are 2 free webcasts on Efficiently deploying new MySQL applications on Windows coming up:

in French on Thursday April 5th
and in German, on Thursday, April 19th.

The Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo is from Tuesday, April 10th through Thursday, April 12th. The conference is at the Santa Clara, California Convention Center. Use code PL-pod and save 10% off registration!. Check out the tutorial and session schedule.

The day after Percona Live ends, on Friday April 13th, 2012 there will be three free events that you can mix and match:
The SkySQL and MariaDB Solutions Day, A free one-day seminar on mysql topics.
Drizzle Day - a one-day workshop on all things drizzle. The event is free, but donations are welcome.
Sphinx will have their Sphinx Search Day as well.

Collaborate, the technology and applications forum for the Oracle Community, has 18 MySQL sessions. Collaborate runs from Sunday, April 22nd through Thursday, April 26th, 2012 at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas Nevada.

On Wednesday, April 25th in London, Oracle is offering a free seminar, including breakfast, on scaling MySQL.

LinuxFest Northwest will be happening on Saturday April 28th and Sunday April 29th. The MySQL eco-system is usually well represented. If you will be in the Pacific NW, you should consider attending.

There is a free afternooon Oracle seminar on
MySQL Enterprise at Oracle in Düsseldorf, Germany on Tuesday, May 8th. Topics will include the MySQL enterprise monitor, query analyzer and external authentication using windows active directory and the linux PAM module, which is being called MySQL Enterprise Security.

There is also a free afternoon Oracle seminar on Scaling MySQL, to be held Tuesday, May 22nd from 12:45 to 5 pm at the Best Western Premier Hotel am Borsigturm in Berlin Germany.

SELF call for Papers - call for papers is open until Tuesday April 3rd.

The 1st Latin American Conference about Mysql, NoSQL and Cloud technologies will be held in Buenos Aires Wednesday, June 27th through Friday, June 29th at the Puerto Madero Hilton Hotel.

Percona Live Preview:
Tutorials (Tue April 10th - full session list):
Google-Hacking MySQL and More MySQL Security
Linux and Hardware Optimizations for MySQL
Understanding Performance Through Measurement, Benchmarking and Profiling
Starring Sakila: Building Data Warehouses and BI Solutions using MySQL and Pentaho

For beginners:
MySQL Replication 101
Administering MySQL
MySQL for Developers
Managine MySQL with the Percona Toolkit

Tuesday night, April 10th Community Dinner

Wednesday sessions (full schedule):

1st session:When to Adopt a Sphinx
Measuring Scalability and Performance with TCP
Performance Practices for Minimizing Replication Delay

For beginners:
Explaining the MySQL EXPLAIN
Crazy MySQL Integration with NoSQL
Testing MySQL Databases, the State of the Art
Building a Multi-Master, Multi-Region Database Infrastructure on Amazon EC2

After lunch:
One to Many: The Story of Sharding at Box
Database Profiling and Optimization

For beginners:
Be a Data Management Hero with Good Backups
Diagnosing and Fixing MySQL Replication

2 pm sessions:
MariaDB: 2012 Edition (also for beginners)
Diagnosing Intermittent Performance Problems
The Etsy Shard Architecture: Starts with S and ends with Hard

For beginners:
The 5-minute DBA: DBA 101 for Non-DBAs

3:30 pm sessions:
Building a High Volume Reporting System on Amazon Using MySQL, Tungsten and Vertica
SQL Injection Myths and Fallacies (also for beginners)

For beginners:
Introducing XtraBackup Manager
When the Application is the Problem
MySQL Optimizer Standoff: MySQL 5.6 and MariaDB 5.3
Backing up Facebook

Last session on Wed:
For Beginners:
Architecting your IT for Long Term Cost Savings with MySQL
Scaling MySQL Databases for the Web
Writing Non-Blocking Code Interaction Data Systems and Web Services in Node.js and Perl
Creating a Benchmark Infrastructure that Just Works
Extending Xtrabackup: A Point-in-Time System

Lightning Talks

Thursday (full schedule):
First session on Thursday:
For beginners:
Getting Started with Drizzle 7.1
Scaling MySQL in the Cloud
Oracle to MySQL Migration

Scaling Pinterest - Pinterest
Percona XtraDB Cluster: New HA Solution

After lunch:
From Requirements to Sharding and Partitioning - and everything in between.
How to Offload MySQL Server with Sphinx
MySQL at Google (also for beginners)

For beginners:
Caching: memcached and Redis

2 pm session:
Boost Your Replication Throughput with Parallel Apply Prefetch and Batching
Common Schema: A Framework for MySQL Server Administration

For beginners:
A Global In-Memory Data System for MySQL
Security Around MySQL
Testing MySQL Creatively with Sandbox

Last session:
Transitioning SSDs to a High IO Environment

For beginners:
MySQL Idiosyncrasies that Bite
Verifying MySQL Replication Safely with pt-table-checksum 2.0
Gizzard: Scale with Twitter's MySQL Sharding Framework

Ear Candy:
Contact us and ask us questions you want us or other MySQL Experts to answer during future Ear Candy segments! (see the feedback section below)

At the Movies
Percona Live Preview Videos!

Starring Sakila: Data Warehousing Explained, Illustrated, and Subtitled

Wed sessions:
Measuring Scalability and Performance with TCP
A Beginner's Guide to MariaDB
Diagnosing Intermittent Performance Problems
SQL Injection: Myths and Fallacies

Thu sessions:
MySQL Idiosyncrasies that Bite

Where you can see us
Gerry will be at the April Seattle MySQL User Group on Monday April 2nd from 7 - 9 pm. No topic has been set yet.

Sheeri will be delivering a tutorial on White-hat Google Hacking and MySQL Security at Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo from April 10-12th, 2012 in Santa Clara, CA.

Sheeri will also be speaking at the SkySQL and MariaDB Solutions Day on Friday, April 13th, 2012 in Santa Clara, CA, giving a session on creating a data warehouse.

Sheeri will be speaking about MySQL Security at the Professional IT Community Conference, Friday May 11 - Saturday May 12 in New Brunswick, NJ

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