OurSQL Episode 76: Off the Charts, part 3

This week, we continue the monitoring series, talking about snmp, rrdtool, cacti, nagios, openNMS and zabbix. Sarah Novotny joins us to talk about these monitoring tools that need very little setup

Part 1 of the monitoring series: http://bit.ly/oursql074
Part 2 of the monitoring series: http://bit.ly/oursql075

Registration for Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo is open! The conference is from Tuesday, April 10th through Thursday, April 12th. Use code PL-pod and save 10% off the early bird prices!.

The next free Oracle Technology Network Developer Day for MySQL will be Thursday, February 9th, 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany. http://www.oracle.com/webapps/events/ns/EventsDetail.jsp?p_eventId=148478&src=7314534&src=7314534&Act=240

MySQL Tech Tours (free):
Santa Clara: http://www.oracle.com/go/?&Src=7314534&Act=247&pcode=WWMK11042736MPP125

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Raleigh, NC: http://www.oracle.com/go/?&Src=7314534&Act=248&pcode=WWMK11042736MPP126

HA solutions seminar in Stockholm: http://www.oracle.com/go/?&Src=7314534&Act=245&pcode=WWMK11042736MPP123

Monitoring tools with very little setup

Ninja Tricks in top



mysqltuner 1.0
mysqltuner 2.0
PDF slides and video from a 5-minute Ignite talk on mysqltuner 2.0.

Query cache in SELECT including SQL_NO_CACHE, and SQL_CACHE (for use with query_cache_type=DEMAND)

pt variable advisor


collectd plugin for graphite

Ear Candy
This week's ear candy is about ksar.

At the Movies
This week in at the movies we show a presentation Gerry did about a patched MySQL SNMP agent.

Where you can see us
Gerry will be at the February Seattle MySQL User Group on Monday February 6th from 7 - 9 pm. No subject has been set yet. Since the January meeting had to be cancelled at the last moment, it would be nice if you come prepared to share your MySQL year - like what you want to learn and what you’re planning on doing, such as upgrading. we can also set up topics to present at future dates

Sheeri will be at the February Boston MySQL User Group on Monday February 13th from 7 - 9 pm. The meetup topic "Scaling MySQL with Transparent Database Sharding", by Liran Zelkha of ScaleBase. Every relational database has some machine scaling limits. In this month's meeting Liran will present the concept of Database Sharding - splitting the database to several independent databases, a solution proven highly effective for scaling MySQL. He will discuss the steps required for building a sharding solution, the implications and limitations of such solution, and will summarize by presenting ScaleBase solution to Database Sharding.

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