OurSQL Episode 67: HA and Replication

This week, we talk about mysql ha and replication.

Last week we talked about how we learn and keep up to date with changes to MySQL. Mark Grennan of mysqlfanboy.com posted his own list of MySQL resources.

Call for papers for Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo 2012 is open until Monday, December 5th. To submit a paper, first register as a speaker at http://www.percona.com/live/mysql-conference-2012/user/register and then go to My Account -> Submit Proposal.

Replication and High Availability
Percona toolkit's pt-slave-delay

Yoshinori Matsunobu's MHA (MySQL Master High Availability Manager), which is rapidly overtaking the deprecated MMM (Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL).

Most folks are using Pacemaker instead of linux-ha these days.

Data Integrity:
MySQL User Conference and Expo page about the facebook took for error detection presentation by Dr. Daniel Peek. If the tool or slides are available, please let us know.

Note: The Maatkit project has been abandoned and folded into the Percona Toolkit, and the "mk" prefix has been changed to "pt".

How to do continual replication sync, which uses the pt-table-checksum features of chunking and modulo.

semi-synchronous replication

How to restore a slave or master using options for pt-table-checksum and pt-table-sync.

How to do sampling with pt-table-checksum.

DRBD from Linbit.

A blog post about DRBD in the real world, that gives some of the reasons not to use DRBD.

Another blog post called MySQL and DRBD, Often say NO.

Heartbeat tools:

MySQL manual page on CHANGE MASTER, which includes the MASTER_HEARTBEAT_PERIOD command.

A blog post showing new features in MySQL 5.5, including the STATUS parameters to check heartbeat

Ear Candy
Like sync-binlog, in 5.5 there is sync-master-info, sync-relay-log and sync-relay-log-info

At the Movies
Lars Thalmann talks about MySQL Replication Update at OSCon Data 2011.

Where you can see us
Sheeri will be at LISA, the Large Installation Sysadmin Conference, from December 5-9 in Boston.

The December Seattle MySQL User Group on Monday December 5th from 7 - 9 pm where Ivan Zoratti of SkySQL will present "MySQL HA Revisited".

And a week later the same talk will be given at the December Boston MySQL User Group on Monday December 12th from 7 - 9 pm.

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