OurSQL Episode 62: Data Warehousing 101

Josh Berkus of PostgreSQL Experts spoke at OS Bridge this summer on Data Warehousing 101:
Everything you never wanted to know about big databases but were forced to find out anyway (http://it.toolbox.com/blogs/database-soup/data-warehousing-101-slides-video-up-47456 has video and slides)

Call for papers for Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo 2012 is open! They opened it on Friday, September 15th and the call will close on Monday, December 5th. The MySQL Conference & Expo is Tuesday April 10 - Thursday, April 12, 2012 in Santa Clara, CA. To submit a paper, first register as a speaker at http://www.percona.com/live/mysql-conference-2012/user/register and then go to My Account -> Submit Proposal.

Kscope has a call for papers open until Friday, October 28th. KScope is an independently organized Oracle developer's conference, and will be held June 24-28, 2012 at the JW Marriott San Antonio in San Antonio, TX.

FOSDEM has a call for papers open until Sunday, November 6th. FOSDEM is one of the largest free and non-commercial open source events, taking place in Brussels, Belgium on 4 and 5 February 2012. There will be a Developer’s room that’s near and dear to our hearts called "MySQL, MariaDB and friends".

Main Content
Terms defined in the podcast:
data warehouse
data mining
DSS - decision support
data visualization
dimension - facet (Lucene), taxonomy, secondary indexes, view (map/reduce)
ETL (and ELT)

Tools for data warehousing
ETL tools - Talend, informatica, Kettle

Relational Database - MySQL, PostgreSQL

MPP (massively parallel processing):
Teradata - appliance
Netezza - appliance
Greenplum - software
IBM DB2 - software
Not mentioned: MySQL-based Calpont

Column Stores:
Vertica, Par Accel, Infobright, LucidDB, monetdb

Hadoop, Aster, CouchDB

Enterprise Search:
Lucene, elastic search, Solr

Ear Candy
Last week we mentioned the test database and access to it. In fact, it's not just "test", but ANY database starting with "test_"! According to the manual page at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.5/en/default-privileges.html:

“In addition, the mysql.db table contains rows that permit all accounts to access the test database and other databases with names that start with test_. This is true even for accounts that otherwise have no special privileges such as the default anonymous accounts. This is convenient for testing but inadvisable on production servers. Administrators who want database access restricted only to accounts that have permissions granted explicitly for that purpose should remove these mysql.db table rows.”

DELETE FROM mysql.db WHERE user='' AND host='%' AND db LIKE 'test%';

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