OurSQL Episode 60: Charming Data

This week we talk with Giuseppe Maxia (pronouncing his name correctly!) about new features in Tungsten replicator, and go over a lot of news.

There was a lot of news this week! There were three really big announcements at Oracle OpenWorld that relate to the MySQL community:

Oracle released a NoSQL database. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/nosqldb/overview/index.html
It’s an ACID-compliant key-value data store, with a Java API for put, delete and get operations and includes replication. The data partitioning and distribution is automatic and based on a hash function.

Release 2 of MySQL 5.6 development milestone was announced and is available from MySQL labs. It includes a lot of great new features, many of which were in the now-defunct MySQL 6.0 release. Sheeri liveblogged Thomas Ulin’s State of the Dolphin keynote which has notes about the features: http://palominodb.com/blog/2011/10/03/liveblogging-oow-state-dolphin

Jorgen Loland posted about optimizer tracing to be able to see why the MySQL optimizer chooses what it does in the EXPLAIN plan - http://jorgenloland.blogspot.com/2011/10/optimizer-tracing-query-execution-plan.html

Yoshinori Matsunobu already benchmarked the network performance improvements against MySQL 5.5 and the results are promising - see http://yoshinorimatsunobu.blogspot.com/2011/10/testing-mysql-563-network-performance.html)

Oracle Press has released the first book in the Effective MySQL series -- written by Ronald Bradford, creator of the Effective MySQL user group in New York City. The first book is called "Optimizing SQL Statements". There are 2 more books planned in the series, the 2nd book is called "Backup and Recovery" and will be out in February 2012, and the 3rd book is called "Advanced Replication Techniques".

Last month, Baron Schwartz announced that he has signed a contract to write High Performance MySQL 3rd edition. http://www.xaprb.com/blog/2011/09/14/high-performance-mysql-third-edition/

Also Sheeri has been working on a chapter for a creative commons book, which will be released very soon.

Collaborate Call for papers is open until Friday October 14th - http://events.ioug.org/p/cm/ld/fid=15 Collaborate is at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from Sunday April 22nd - Thursday 26th, 2012.

Call for papers for Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo 2012 is open! They opened it on Friday, September 15th and the call will close on Monday, December 5th. The MySQL Conference & Expo is Tuesday April 10 - Thursday, October 12, 2012 in Santa Clara, CA.

To submit a paper, first register as a speaker at http://www.percona.com/live/mysql-conference-2012/user/register and then go to My Account -> Submit Proposal.

CouchConf NYC is happening on Monday, October 24th in New York City. CouchConf is a one-day conference focused on Couch NoSQL database technology for web and mobile applications. There will be numerous technology sessions presented by leaders of the Apache CouchDB project and other Couch experts.

Giuseppe is excited about the MySQL Cluster 7.2 development milestone release because the higher JOIN performance makes MySQL Cluster a more appropriate technology for more users.

Giuseppe talks about the quest for a global transaction id at the 2010 Boston Open SQL Camp.

Giuseppe works for Continuent and talks about the new and improved features in the open source Tungsten data replication engine:
- easy-to-use installer, including support for recovering from a partially successful install.
- The Tungsten Replicator Cookbook, a collection of practical recipes for how to use Tungsten.
- Using DIRECT mode to use Tungsten as a replication plugin -- this enables you to get on-the-fly parallel replication (for example, one client turns on the Tungsten replicator for parallel replication during maintenance only, and keeps the standard MySQL replication at other times)
- Replicate from MySQL to Oracle
- Replicate from MySQL to MongoDB
- A prototype for replication from Oracle to MySQL

Where you can see us
Sarah Will be at Linux Con EU from Wednesday October 26 - until Friday 28, 2011 · Clarion Congress Hotel · Prague, Czech Republic speaking about "IRL: How Geeks Undermine Their Presentations & Conversations With Body Language"

Ari Weil of Akiban joins Sarah at the November Seattle MySQL User Group ( http://www.meetup.com/seattlemysql/ ) on Mon Nov 7th from 7 - 9 pm.

Mike Frank of Gazzang will present "MySQL Encryption" at the Boston MySQL User Group on Monday, November 14th at 7:00 PM

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