OurSQL Episode 55: MySQL Data Encryption

This week, we talk with Mike Frank of http://www.gazzang.com/, answer a question about ScaleBase and stored routines/triggers, and link to over 100 videos from OSCon, OSCon Data and OSCon Java.

OSCon Data and OSCon videos
The Technocation youtube playlist, as of the time of this publishing has 18 videos, mostly from OSCon Data, is at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLE0AEC3980A198DA0

The O'Reilly YouTube playlist, as of the time of this publishing has 84 videos, from OSCon, OSCon Data and OScon Java, is at http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=93FC98105B19725C

Note: There are no overlaps in the playlists, so that's over 100 videos from the week so far!

A listener asked about how ScaleBase handles "database stuff which acts internally, like stored procedures, constraints or triggers".

We contacted ScaleBase and their answer was:
"If you create an object in the database - it will be created on all the shards. If you run it - it will run on all the [applicable] shards (triggers and stored procedures).
BUT - if the stored procedures/trigger attempts to read data from the database or update data (sharded data that is) - it has to be aware of the sharding policy" - because stored procedures/triggers are per shard.

We talk with Mike Frank, - VP of products at Gazzang, formerly a MySQL Product Manager for MySQL/Sun/Oracle. The goal of Gazzang is to solve data security through encryption and enhanced access controls.

Virtual filesystem on linux
AES256 encryption between MySQL and the files
encrypt config files, logs, and data
one key per server (or multi servers on a single key, but no multi key per host atm)
Works with Apache, NoSQL, PHP, etc.
linux kernel mod, called eZncryptFS

"Gazzang ezNcrypt for MySQL Performance Guide" - http://gazzang.com/lead-gen-forms/white-paper-registration-mysql-performance
Other white papers, including a lot of PCI/HIPAA compliance - http://gazzang.com/downloads/

30-day free trial: http://blog.gazzang.com/encrypt-free-trial
Gazzang will be at ISACA's ISRM (Information Security Risk Management) on Sept 19th - http://www.isaca.org/Education/Upcoming-Events/Pages/Information-Security-and-Risk-Management-North-America.aspx

They will also be at the Cloud Security Alliance Conference in November in Orlando, conference details are at http://www.misti.com/default.asp?page=65&Return=70&ProductID=4985&LS=cloud

Where you can see us
Sheeri will be at the Boston MySQL User group on Monday, September 12, 2011 at 7:00 PM where Jeff Yemin of MTV presents: "A MongoDB case study by Jeff Yemin of MTV Networks: MTV Networks Online Division leveraging MongoDB as the database platform for its next-generation CMS."

We will both be at Oracle Open World 2011 from Sunday October 2nd through Thursday, October 6th. We will be speaking and staffing the MySQL Community booth. If you are interested in helping staff the MySQL community booth, let us know!

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