OurSQL Episode 54: Scaling MySQL

This week, we discuss the Percona MySQL conference and scaling with ScaleBase.

Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo event page, and Baron's announcement of the conference.

Dates to keep in mind:
September 1st - call for speakers opens
November 1st - call for speakers closes
Tuesday April 10th - Thursday April 12th

This week we interview Doron Levari, CEO and co-founder of ScaleBase. ScaleBase transparently scales your database, so you can have many shards without having to code sharding in your application. The sharding is completely transparent to the application. This can be combined with regular replication to have automatic use of a standby if a shard's primary database fails.

Performance comparisons of ScaleBase

Doron explains the cases in which built-in MySQL replication is the right solution, and how ScaleBase is a better solution when you need to scale writes, not just reads. It also does pushdown conditions for queries, so it is excellent for data warehousing/OLAP/aggregate/BI queries. There is also a tool that recommends what tables should be sharded and what they should be sharded on (for example when you first start using ScaleBase).

And because ScaleBase uses MySQL databases, it does not have the problems of NoSQL write-scale solutions that may be eventually consistent; writes happen right away and can be read right away. Data moves and node changes are online operations. Doron also explains how ScaleBase works operationally, including the fact that you can access MySQL the normal ways or through ScaleBase, so if you do not want to use ScaleBase's sharding for all MySQL connections, you do not need to. Maintenance also scales well due to the sharding.

Oracle OpenWorld content catalog. For the MySQL content, in the "Track" pulldown, go to the "Database" section and click "MySQL", then click "Search" and you will find over 45 sessions, Sun Oct 2 - Thu Oct 6th.

Where you can see us
Sarah will be at the Strata conference in NYC Monday Sept 19-Friday Sept 23rd.

We will also both be at Oracle Open World 2011 from Sunday October 2nd through Thursday, October 6th. We will be speaking and staffing the MySQL Community booth. If you are interested in helping staff the MySQL community booth, let us know!

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