OurSQL Episode 53: MySQL 5.6 at OSCon Data

This week we speak with Calvin Sun, the Development Manager of the InnoDB Team, and has been working on InnoDB at MySQL and Oracle for 5 years. He mentions that not only is the InnoDB team hiring, but nobody has left the InnoDB team in several years, so the team is very stable.

We grabbed Calvin at OSCon Data, where Oracle announced the new features of MySQL 5.6 released on labs.mysql.com. Remember that the labs releases are for testing only and not supported in production use.

The biggest labs features is fulltext search in InnoDB, which includes all the syntax including WITH QUERY EXPANSION. InnoDB fulltext search also includes proximity search, which MyISAM fulltext search does not have. Eugene at the mysqlops blog has a good overview of the concepts of how InnoDB fulltext search works.

We talk about all the features described at the summer labs releases blog post and how they improve performance and what they mean.

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