OurSQL Episode 52: Database Theory ABC

This week, we present ACID, BASE, CAP theorem and more.

At this year's Open Source Bridge in Portland last month, Eric Redmond presented 'A Dozen Databases in 45 minutes'. It’s really about 20 minutes of theory and 25 minutes of the dozen databases, and we present the first part, the theoretical side of things.

ACID - atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability
BASE- basically available, soft state, eventual consistency (there's also a good article by Lewis Cunningham that explains ACID vs. BASE in the context of cloud computing.
CAP theorem (consistency, availability, partitioning)
Amazon's Dynamo - used in some NoSQL solutions
consistent hashing

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Sarah will be at the Strata conference in NYC Monday Sept 19-Friday Sept 23rd.

We will also both be at Oracle Open World 2011 from Sunday October 2nd through Thursday, October 6th.

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