OurSQL Episode 48: Percona Live NYC 2011

This week we have feedback from Percona Live in NYC last Thursday. We talk with:

Chander Kant of Zmanda, talking about the fact that Zmanda Backup Recovery now officially supports the Percona patched binary of MySQL.
Barry Leung of CafeMom.com who talked about all the stuff he'd learned during the day, including "How to use MySQL and DTrace on Linux" and the new mk-tcp-model.

Patrick Galbraith of BlueGecko talked about his talk, "The Building Blocks of Scaling: Drizzle/MySQL, Memcached, Sphinx, and Gearman", backups, FLUSH ENGINE ____ LOGS, and covering indexes.

Baron Schwartz of Percona, giving the brief closing remarks about why Percona Live was set up.

Stewart Smith of Percona, explaining what Drizzle is and the current state of Drizzle.

Ear Candy:
In this week’s ear candy we discuss SIGNAL and RESIGNAL, a new feature in MySQL 5.5 to help debug stored code.

Roland Bouman's blog about validating mysql data entry using signals

Sarah will be at the Velocity Conference, Tuesday June 14th through Thursday June 16th in Santa Clara CA, speaking about the many layers of caching in the modern web stack. Get 20% off registration by using discount code FRIEND

She'll additionally be at Devopsdays on June 17-18th.

We will both be at Open Source Bridge from Tuesday, June 21st – through Friday, June 24th in Portland, Oregon.

Sheeri will be at Kscope 11, an Oracle Developer Conference, from Sunday, June 26th through Thursday, June 30th in Long Beach, California speaking about Securing MySQL.

We will both be at OSCon 2011 from Monday, July 25th through Friday, July 29th in Portland, Oregon. Get 20% off registration using the discount code os11com.

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