OurSQL Episode 47: Replication logs and objects

This week, we talk about replication logs and replication objects.

Feedback: Via Henrik Ingo
- Drizzle has microsecond granularity for timestamp. MariaDB just
developed a patch for that, in the 5.3 tree.

editors note: updated with a specific link from Henrik

More Replication

Purging binary logs:
PURGE BINARY LOGS TO ‘mysql-bin.12345’;
PURGE BINARY LOGS BEFORE ‘datetime’; (can use string or date expression, like NOW()-interval 5 DAY)
Can also say “PURGE MASTER LOGS”

expire_logs_days - purge *after* x days, so if expire_logs_days is 7, you can have up to 8 days of logs. expires after every log rotate.

What is and what isn’t replicated:
SELECT statements are not replicated
INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE statements are replicated, even if they change 0 rows on the master.

Views, events, and objects are all covered, but too numerous and specific to list in the notes.

Ear Candy -
This week’s ear candy comes from friend-of-the-show Gerry Narvaja. A few years ago Gerry wrote a short blog post about replication limitations, and one of the items he mentioned is something we don’t often think about: The MySQL status variables show how many times a command was issued, but does not include commands issued by the replication thread.


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