OurSQL Episode 42: The Buzz about MySQL 5.6

This week we talk about what's new in MySQL 5.6 and the return of labs.mysql.com. We also feature people's reactions to the 5.6 announcement and a special song by Solomon Chang (lyrics below).

Show notes:
If you want to see it for youreslf, there is a video from the O'Reilly Conference of Tomas Ulin's Keynote, "State of the Dolphin".

Olav Sandstå's blog post on index condition pushdown optimization.
The MySQL manual page on index condition pushdown optimization.

There is also multi-range read in MySQL 5.6.

SELECT statements can explicitly select partitions.

For InnoDB, optimizer statistics can persist across restarts.

Also in InnoDB there is multi-threaded purge, up to 32 threads (instead of the option of having a purge thread, introduced in MySQL 5.5, and Percona's patchset to MySQL 5.1).

Examples of labs.mysql.com features include development builds with these features:
- memcached API (NoSQL into inno storage engine)
- multithreaded slaves
- additional performance_schema instrumentation.

You can also watch Baron Schwartz's community-focused keynote, "Building on Strengths, Learning from Differences.

"On the Street" feedback features:
- Colin Charles of MariaDB
- Gerry Narvaja of Pythian and Henrik Ingo
- Mark Atwood of Eucalyptus Systems, Inc
- Kurt Von Finck of Monty Program

Where you can see us:
Sheeri will be speaking about monitoring MySQL efficiently with Nagios at the Professional IT Community Conference, otherwise known as PICC, in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The conference is Friday, April 29 – Saturday April 30, 2011.

Sheeri will be at OpenDBCamp, Fri May 6th - Sun May 8th in Sardinia, Italy.

Sarah will be at the Velocity Conference, Tuesday June 14th through Thursday June 16th in Santa Clara CA, speaking about the many layers of caching in the modern web stack.

We will both be at Open Source Bridges from Tuesday, June 21st – through Friday, June 24th in Portland, Oregon.

Sheeri will be at Kscope 11, an Oracle Developer Conference, from Sunday, June 26th through Thursday, June 30th in Long Beach, California.

I Love PHP (to the tune of I Love Rock 'n Roll)
An original composition by Solomon Chang written for Scale 9x:
I saw the shoddy work of your devops team
It's even more f***ed up than Charlie Sheen
Well, I can't take this c**p
And make it a real app
I can tap into another source that's free
Mapping out your reports into HTTP

Singing I love PHP
Log a little time on the dev box, baby
I love PHP
I should let you know I'm a ZCE*

My choice of script has often got me flamed
But other languages are just as lame
Well Perl's almost gone
And Java code's just as long
Python's wrong because it's not derived from C
At least they're not as cryptic as assembly

Singing I love PHP
Log a little time on the dev box, baby
I love PHP
Every common task has a library

Singing I love PHP
Log a little time on the dev box, baby
I love PHP
On any installation of Apache

I love PHP
A server-side language from Germany

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* ZCE = Zend Certified Engineer