OurSQL Episode 33: Looking Through the Lenz (Backup Series #3, mylvmbackup)

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Show Notes:

This week we have Lenz Grimmer with us to speak about snapshot backups in general, MySQL backups with snapshots, and mylvmbackup, a script Lenz wrote and maintains to easily take consistent MySQL snapshot backups.

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Some links:
The wikipedia entry about snapshot backups.


There are some special caveats about I/O performance impact on Linux

Estimating undo space needed for an LVM snapshot

Get MyLVMbackup

Ear Candy
Changing the default prompt of "mysql> "
Set the prompt using:
mysql> \R newprompt
mysql> prompt=newprompt
shell> mysql --prompt="newprompt"
Change the $MYSQL_PS1 environment variable
Or, in an option file:

Blog post about the 2nd line of prompt

The manual page for safe_updates mode, aka "i-am-a-dummy" mode.

Where you can see us:
Lenz just came back from FOSDEM, the free and open source software developers' European meeting, where there was a MySQL & Friends developer room. The developer room link contains links to presentation videos and slides, for those who want to see the content after the fact.

Sheeri will be at the Boston MySQL User Group meeting on Monday, February 14th from 7-9 pm, to hear Bill Papp talk about MySQL 5.5.

Lenz will talk about "MySQL Replication Technologies" on Wed 23 March 2011 in Weimar Germany at GUUG FFG 2011, the German Unix User Group's "Das Frühjahrsfachgespräch" (the spring meeting)

Lenz and Sheeri will both be at Collaborate in Orlando, Florida from Sunday April 10th through Thursday April 14th. Both will also be at the Community dinner, eastern US edition on Sunday April 10th at 5 pm at Maggiano's Little Italy near the Convention Center.

Sarah will be at the O'Reilly MySQL Conference in Santa Clara, California from Monday, April 11th through Thursday April 14th, including the community dinner, western US edition on Monday April 11th at 7 pm at Pedro's.

Sheeri will be at OpenDBCamp, Fri May 6th - Sun May 8th in Sardinia, Italy.

Lenz may be appearing at LinuxTag, Wed May 11 to Sat May 14 at the Berlin Fairgrounds in Berlin, Germany.

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