OurSQL Episode 28: Conferential Integrity

This week, we talk about the many conferences in the MySQL world - O'Reilly's MySQL Conference, Collaborate and Kaleidoscope

Some feedback from previous podcasts:
Percona *is* releasing a 5.5 version - http://www.mysqlperformanceblog.com/2010/12/20/mysql-5-5-8-and-percona-s...
Also, the performance schema is persistent (stored on disk) according to Giuseppe Maxia, the Datacharmer.
* Update 1/6/2011 14:17 Eastern time - according to Mark Leith, only the setup_ tables are persistent, so only some of the data makes it to disk and is persistent.

O’Reilly MySQL Conference: MySQL and Beyond - http://en.oreilly.com/mysql2011/
Monday April 11 - Thursday April 14th Santa Clara, California.
15% discount code for podcast listeners: oursql
Super early rate is $1299 (through Jan 26th) for tutorials + sessions, with the 15% discount the price is just over $1100. Pricing can be found at https://en.oreilly.com/mysql2011/public/register

Collaborate - http://collaborate11.ioug.org/
Sunday, April 10th through Thursday, April 14th in Orlando, Florida.
$200 off the early bird registration (through March 10th - $1385 for IOUG members, so with the discount it is $1185) with code: MYSQ
Pricing can be found at http://collaborate11.ioug.org/Home/Registration/tabid/82/Default.aspx#rates

Kaleidoscope aka kscope - http://kscope11.com/
Sunday June 26th - Thursday June 30th Long Beach, California (near Los Angeles).
Early bird pricing (through March 25th) is $1400 for ODTUG members
Pricing information can be found at http://kscope11.com/registration

Ear candy:
mysql> SET GLOBAL init_connect='SET autocommit=0';
This works to set the init_connect variable dynamically (do not forget to also set it in /etc/my.cnf as well). However, the init_connect variable is NOT executed for users with the SUPER privilege.

Where you can see us:
Monday, January 17th, Seattle Membase meetup - http://membase-meetup-seattle.eventbrite.com/
Wed January 26th, San Francisco meetup - Lenz Grimmer speaks about High Availability - http://www.sfmysql.org/calendar/15760472/
Friday, January 28th-30th - She’s Geeky conference, San Francisco: http://www.shesgeeky.org/sg/future-events/shes-geeky-bay-area-4-january-...
Tuesday Feb 1st - Thursday 3rd, Santa Clara, CA - Strata Conference - http://strataconf.com/strata2011

Monday January 10th, Boston MySQL meetup - Bill Papp speaks about MySQL 5.5 - http://www.meetup.com/mysqlbos/calendar/15169986/

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