OurSQL Episode 207: Looking Forward

In this penultimate episode, we talk about what's coming in MySQL 5.7 and MariaDB 10.1. Ear Candy is about a new MySQL 5.7 utility to generate the SSL RSA keys to encrypt MySQL communications, and At the Movies is about MySQL's new features.

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MySQL 5.7
MySQL 5.7 in a nutshell

Password Expiration Policy in MySQL 5.7
Account Locking in MySQL 5.7
Upgrading from a previous series - make sure to read this so your authentication works as expected on upgrade.

mysql-ssl-rsa-setup - a helper tool for setting up secured SSL connectivity

Online Index Rename
Online VARCHAR change details
Details and limitations of online DDL in the context of online operations

information_schema.INNODB_TEMP_TABLE_INFO for metadata about InnoDB temporary tables

Episode 183, *now outdated* where we discussed how MySQL stores geospatial data

Innochecksum, a tool to help diagnose and recover corrupt InnoDB file and its 5.7 improvements
innodb_io_capacity and its new application to loading in a buffer pool dump

Text Parser Plugins - how fulltext parsing works for MyISAM and InnoDB and when you want to avoid the default fulltext plugin.
Writing Full-Text Parser Plugins


Copying File-Per-Table Tablespaces to Another Server - make sure to read this to learn how to transport InnoDB tablespaces between servers of the same version.

Online InnoDB Buffer Pool Resize

innodb_fill_factor - defines the % of space that each index page will will with data during a sorted index build (creating or rebuilding an index).

CREATE TABLESPACE - to create tablespaces outside the MySQL data dictionary

EXPLAIN FOR CONNECTION - run EXPLAIN on a query running in another session

One trigger per event/action time limit has been removed.

generated columns - defined by an expression calculated on the fly.

MySQL 5.7 release notes, with detailed changelogs

MariaDB 10.1
Table and Tablespace Encryption in MariaDB

InnoDB and XtraDB page compression

ANALYZE, which now provides output that looks like EXPLAIN

max_statement_time new variable to abort queries longer than this many seconds

Roles in MariaDB - version 10.1 allows a user to have a default role.

innodb_page_size - change the default page size of 16k, up to 64k

SYSTEM_VARIABLES table in INFORMATION_SCHEMA - metadata and help text about system variables


Added GIS functions

mysql56-temporal-format commandline switch to use fractional time values

SET STATEMENT - set a variable for the duration of a statement
For example: SET STATEMENT group_concat_max_len=4096 FOR SELECT GROUP_CONCAT(column) FROM table WHERE foo=bar;

Password Validation in MariaDB 10.1
simple_password_check plugin
CrackLib project on SourceForge
cracklib_password_check plugin

Optimitstic mode for parallel replication

Running triggers on a slave for row-based events

Ear candy
New MySQL 5.7 utility to generate the SSL RSA keys to encrypt communications with MySQL

At the movies
In this episode's At the Movies, we present Celebrating MySQL by Oracle's Thomas Ulin. This video from last week's Percona Live conference gives an update of new features in MySQL 5.7 and the new labs versions.

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