OurSQL Episode 206: Pieces of Fabric

In this episode we discuss sharding and high availability with MySQL Fabric, including installation and configuration. Ear Candy is rolling out GTIDs with no restarting, and At the Movies is putting MySQL Fabric to use, including a live demo.

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MySQL Fabric
MySQL Fabric information from Oracle

Fabric-aware connectors - different from regular MySQL connectors:
Python Fabric connector
Java Fabric connector (Connector-J)

Episode 128 where we discussed MySQL GTIDs

mysqlfabric utility commands to manage server groups

Episode 54, where we talked about sharding

Fabric Backing store information

Article which contains limitations of MySQL Fabric

Getting help with mysqlfabric commands

The mysqlfabric commandline utility

Fabric concepts

Starting and stopping a Fabric node

Other resources (some are behind a registration page):
MySQL Forum on Fabric
An article that explains the history and some of the concepts in Fabric

Ear candy
How to roll out GTIDs in an online manner, with no restarts

At the movies
In this episode's At the Movies, we present "Putting MySQL Fabric To Use" by Martin Arrieta and Fernando Ipar of Percona. In this hour-long recorded webinar they discuss MySQL Fabric and show a live demo. This presentation was recorded before MySQL Fabric was generally available, but it is definitely GA now!

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Sheeri will be at the Boston MySQL User Group, which meets the 2nd Monday of the month at MIT in Cambridge.

Gerry will be at the Seattle MySQL Meetup, which meets on the 2nd Monday of every month at the Twitter offices in Seattle.

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