OurSQL Episode 205: How to Learn About MySQL

In this episode, we discuss resources available for learning more about MySQL and its forks.

Official MySQL Documentation from Oracle
Articles at the MySQL Developer Zone.

Percona documentation - includes server, cluster, tools, and plugins
MariaDB Documentation
MariaDB Server Knowledgebase

SQL-99 Complete, Really online book about the SQL standard.

How MySQL Extends and Deviates From the SQL Standard - sample 80-page chapter from the MySQL Administrator's Bible

Forums and mailing lists:
MySQL forums
Percona forums
MariaDB Resources, including mailing lists

IRC and chat rooms:
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) article at Wikipedia
#mysql on irc.freenode.net
#maria on irc.freenode.net

Planet MySQL blog aggregator
Percona Performance blog
MariaDB blog

Book references:
Learning MySQL (ebook or paper versions available)
MySQL Marinate - a free online course that uses "Learning MySQL"

The MySQL Administrator's Bible By Sheeri Cabral and Keith Murphy - good for beginner or intermediate MySQL/Percona/MariaDB administrators.

High Performance MySQL - classic book on how to get the most out of MySQL. Mostly for administrators, but also some developer tips as well.

the MySQL Developer's Library, 5th edition

MySQL Cookbook: Solutions for Database Developers and Administrators - full of code, examples and explanations

SQL Antipatterns: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Database Programming - solutions to tricky SQL problems.

SQL Hacks 100 hacks to solve tricky SQL problems.

Common MySQL QueriesExtending Chapter 9 of "Get it Done with MySQL" - tons of useful answers to "how do I write this kind of a query?"

Expert MySQL, by Charles Bell of Oracle, for learning MySQL internals and how to extend MySQL.

Getting Started with MariaDB

MariaDB Cookbook

Learning MySQL and MariaDB: Heading in the Right Direction with MySQL and MariaDB

The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Dimensional Modeling

SQL And Relational Theory: How to Write Accurate SQL Code

Database In Depth: Relational Theory for Practitioners

Oracle's MySQL Community page includes a section on books, including Ronald Bradford's Effective MySQL series
MariaDB's list of books
Percona's list of ebooks

Technocation's videos - almost 500 videos, mostly MySQL related. Technocation's videos are all free of charge, completely advertising free, and do not ask for your e-mail address.

Percona's MySQL Videos including recorded webinars

Oracle's recorded webinars

MariaDB webinars

Hour of Databases: Welcome to SQL

Up and Running with MySQL Development - a course on lynda.com by Sheeri
Understanding MariaDB for MySQL Users - a course on lynda.com by Sheeri
Advanced Topics in MySQL and MariaDB - a course on lynda.com by Sheeri

Pluralsight MySQL videos

sql online free course for learning SQL
2nd sql online free course for learning SQL
SQL Fiddle - play with SQL in different versions of MySQL, Oracle, Postgress, SQLite and Microsoft SQL Server.
DB4Free - free MySQL server for teesting

Bug databases:
Oracle's MySQL bug/feature database
Percona's bug/feature database
MariaDB's bug/feature database

Conferences and live events:
Percona Live conference series
Oracle's OpenWorld
MariaDB Events
Percona Events
Meetup.com - search for MySQL User Groups
DB Hangops including past hangops videos at

MariaDB Trainings
Tungsten University trainings
Oracle Trainings
Percona Trainings