OurSQL Episode 203: Scaling by Proxy Part 2

In this episode we finish our series on MaxScale. Ear candy is about using MySQL and Galera for geographic replication, and at the Movies uses MySQL to build big data applications.

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MaxScale, part 2
Episode 202, MaxScale part 1
MaxScale Modules including filtering and routers
Reminder: Documentation consists of PDFs that install with your version of MaxScale.

Filters include:
testfilter (Statement Counting)
qla filter (Query Log All)
regex filter (Regular Expression)
tee filter
hint filter

Routers include:
readconnroute (connections to only masters, only slaves, or both)
readwritesplit (read only, possible write, session modification)

Administration including:
starting and stopping with an init script
MaxAdmin tool
shutdown maxscale
reload config
list services
list servers
show commands

Descriptor Control Blocks

Ear candy
Geographic Replication with MySQL and Galera by Marco Tusa

At the movies
Using MySQL to Build Big Data Applications by Jonathan Levin

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