OurSQL Episode 202: Scaling by Proxy

This episode we start a 2-part series on MaxScale, a scaling proxy for MySQL. Ear Candy is OS Query and At the Movies is about MaxScale.

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Episode 172: A New Proxy, where we introduced MaxScale in an interview with Ivan Zoratti
MaxScale on MariaDB's website
MaxScale code on github
Presentation about MaxScale, slide 5 has available distributions

Ear candy
Introducing OSQuery, a Facebook tool that transforms operating system information into database tables and uses a SQLite command line interface to query these tables.
OSQuery documentation

At the movies
This episode we present an overview of MaxScale from Rasmus Johanssen, the V.P. of Engineering at MariaDB. It's a good refresher for the concepts we described earlier in the show.

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Sheeri will be at the Boston MySQL User Group, which meets the 2nd Monday of the month at MIT in Cambridge.

Gerry will be at the Seattle MySQL Meetup, which meets on the 2nd Monday of every month at the Twitter offices in Seattle.

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