OurSQL Episode 199: Make It Fast

In the news, the OurSQL podcast will change to a monthly format after episode 200. We will still bring the quality episodes you know and love, they will just be spaced further apart.

Performance Tuning
log_output of FILE, TABLE or both ("FILE,TABLE" or "TABLE,FILE")
slow query log - set it to 1 or 0, do *NOT* set it to ON (it will be off, because "on" is a string, and translates to 0)
long_query_time - microsecond resolution
log_throttle_queries_not_using_indexes server variable

FLUSH LOGS and logrotate to rotate file-based logs

Removing Evil Queries part 1, where we discuss how to use pt-query-digest to find queries that are good candidates for optimization.
Removing Evil Queries part 2, where we start to discuss how to use EXPLAIN to optimize queries.
Removing Evil Queries part 3, where we finish discussing how to use EXPLAIN to optimize queries.

Episode 187 - Hanging Out, where we talk to Geoff Anderson, including Anemometer.

Understanding InnoDB Locking
Innodb_row_lock_current_waits status variable
Innodb_row_lock_waits status variable
Innodb_row_lock_time, Innodb_row_lock_time_avg and Innodb_row_lock_time_max
innodb_lock_wait_timeout system variable

Episode 80, where we discuss pt-deadlock-logger
innodb_print_all_deadlocks system variable

Episode 139, part 1 of our series on performance schema
Episode 140, part 2 of our series on performance schema
Episode 141, part 3 of our series on performance schema

Episode 193, where we talk about the common schema view, candidate_keys_recommended

Optimizing Subqueries in the MySQL manual, including rewriting subqueries as joins


Optimizing InnoDB Disk I/O at the MySQL Manual

Episode 198, where we talked about server thread pooling.

High Performance MySQL, 3rd Edition

Ear candy
Measuring Linux Performance

At the movies
This week in At the Movies, we present Zardosht Kasheff of Tokutek talking about Understanding Indexes.
Zardosht explains how indexing works, including how secondary keys function, and also how covering indexes are a good way to optimize some queries.

On to Where you can see us
Where you can see us
Sheeri will be at MySQL Central at Oracle Open World Monday September 29th through Thursday October 2nd, 2014

Sheeri will be at the Boston MySQL User Group on Monday, October 13th at MIT.

Gerry will be at the Seattle MySQL Meetup on Monday, October 13th.

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