OurSQL Episode 198: Swimming with Threads

This week, we discuss server thread pooling in MySQL and MariaDB. Ear Candy is a workaround for max key length in InnoDB, and At the Movies is Continuous Integration For Your Database Migrations.

In the news, the OurSQL podcast will change to a monthly format after episode 200. We will still bring the quality episodes you know and love, they will just be spaced further apart.

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MySQL Central will happen during Oracle's OpenWorld conference, Monday September 29th through Thursday October 2nd, 2014. The conference has been expanded in the past few years, when it was known as MySQL Connect.

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Server Thread Pooling
Server Thread Pool plugin for MySQL manual page
MariaDB thread pool knowledgebase

plugin_dir where you can find thread_pool.so or thread_pool.dll (Windows) for MySQL Enterprise thread pooling.
Installing the thread pool plugin on MySQL

thread_pool_stall_limit in MariaDB
thread_pool_high_priority_connection (MySQL)
thread_pool_priority_kickup_timer (MySQL)
thread_pool_idle_timeout (MariaDB)
extra-port (MariaDB)

MySQL Manual on server thread pool tuning
MariaDB Knowledgebase on tuning the threadpool and differences between MariaDB and MySQL Enterprise server thread pool

Ear Candy
This week in ear candy, we discuss a workaround for max key length in InnoDB.
innodb_large_prefix server variable

At the movies
This week in At the Movies, we present Continuous Integration For Your Database Migrations by Michael Still of Rackspace. This presentation was given at the 2014 Linux Conference Australia.

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