OurSQL Episode 190: Server State Monitoring

This week we discuss pt-sift and pt-stalk. Ear Candy is about a new tool called Orchestrator, and At the Movies is about Trove on OpenStack to provide open source Database as a Service.

In the news, the OurSQL podcast will change to a monthly format after episode 200. We love doing the podcast, but it is very time consuming and production is expensive. We will still bring quality episodes, they will just be spaced further apart.

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mysqladmin manual page
Episode 150, ear candy is about monitoring with mysqladmin and --relative
Episode 155, ear candy is about pt-stalk

pt-stalk documentation
Options covered:
--stalk, --no-stalk
--sleep. --sleep-collect
--retention-time, --disk-bytes-free, --disk-pct-free
--collect-gdb, --collect-strace, --collect-oprofile, --collect-tcpdump
wireshark tool to analyze network traffic

pt-sift manual page
Episode 171, where we talked about pt-mext

Ear Candy
In this week's Ear Candy we introduce Orchestrator from Shlomi Noach, which offers a way to detect and manage your replication clusters in very easy way.
Orchestrator on Github
Download as a tarball, RPM or DEB package.

At the movies
This week in At the Movies we present Amrith Kumar at the June Boston MySQL User Group explaining Trove on OpenStack. Trove is open-source software to run databases as a service, or DBaaS.

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