OurSQL Episode 188: Back in Sync

This week we discuss pt-table-sync basics. Ear Candy is about how MyISAM can seem transaction-aware, and At the Movies is MySQL and NoSQL at Craigslist.

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Episode 185 where we talked about pt-table-checksum.

pt-table-sync documentation

Options described:
--no-check-master, --no-check-slave
--no-transaction, --transaction

Options shared with pt-table-checksum
--ignore-columns, --ignore-databases, --ignore-engines, --ignore-tables
--columns, --databases, --engines, --tables
--chunk-index, --chunk size

Ear Candy
In this week's ear candy, we present suddenly, MyISAM became transaction aware by Peter Laursen at MONyog.

At the movies
This week in at the movies, we present MySQL and NoSQL at Craigslist presented by Jeremy Zawodny at the San Francisco MySQL Meetup.

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