OurSQL Episode 187: Hanging Out

This week, we discuss DB Hangops with special guest, Geoffrey Anderson. Ear Candy is that GTIDs in MariaDB and MySQL are different, and At the Movies is Jonathan Levin talking about deduplicating your data with MySQL.

DB Hangops
DB Hangops - blog and videos of previous hangouts
YouTube DB Hangops channel
DB Hangops twitter account

Anemometer, a tool for reporting on and graphing slow queries, developed by Box.

Ramping up DBAs, a video

Zmanda Enterprise Backup
ZRM (community backup)

Ear Candy
MySQL and MariaDB GTIDs are not compatible
MariaDB request to be able to replicate from MySQL 5.6 - make sure to vote on the issue so it gets into MariaDB.

At the movies
This week in At the Movies, we present Jonathan Levin speaking about Deduplicating Your Data, the MySQL Way.

Where you can see us
Sheeri will be at the June Boston MySQL User Group on Monday, June 9th, where we'll have Amrith Kumar talking about DB as a service using trove on openstack.

Gerry will be at the June Seattle MySQL User Group on Monday, June 9th, where we'll talk about WebScaleSQL.

Sheeri and Gerry will be attending OSCon 2014 from Sunday July 20th through Thursday July 24th.

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