OurSQL Episode 185: Getting in Sync

This week we discuss pt-table-checksum for keeping data in sync. Ear Candy is a rational look at why one company chose MySQL; At the Movies is using MySQL in a practical way for Big Data.


Episode 151, where we talked about Oracle toolsmysqldbcompare and mysqldiff
Options discussed:
--replicate, --no-create-replicate-table
--recurse (default is infinite), --recursion-method
--no-replicate-check, --quiet
--retries, --resume, --run-time
--max-lag, --check-slave-lag
--max-load (default: threads_running=25)

You can also give a comma-separated list of configuration files to read in, with the --config option. If you use it, the --config option has to be the first option on the commandline. The documentation says to look at the output using --help to see the default configuration files, and in the testing we did, this looked at:

--databases, --tables, --engines, --databases-regex, --tables-regex, --columns, --where
--ignore-databases, --ignore-tables, --ignore-engines (FEDERATED,MERGE by default), --ignore-columns, --ignore-databases-regex, --ignore-tables-regex
--chunk-time, --chunk-size, --chunk-index, --chunk-size-limit
--function (default is CRC32)

Ear Candy
Case study: Why Baron Schwarz chose MySQL for the backend of his company

At the movies
This week in At the Movies, we present Jonathan Levin speaking about Using MySQL to Build Big Data Applications. In this 26 minute video, Jonathan shows how to create summary tables in MySQL for handling big data.

Where you can see us
Sheeri will be at the June Boston MySQL User Group on Monday, June 9th, where we'll have Amrith Kumar talking about DB as a service using trove on openstack.

Gerry will be at the June Seattle MySQL User Group on Monday, June 9th, where we'll talk about WebScaleSQL.

Sheeri and Gerry will be attending OSCon 2014 from Sunday July 20th through Thursday July 24th.

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