OurSQL Episode 182: Optimizing MariaDB

This week we discuss new optimizer improvements in MariaDB 10. Ear Candy is about the MariaDB threadpool, and At the Movies is Oracle's Tomas Ulin talking about raising the bar with MySQL.

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MariaDB optimizer improvements
Episode 125 and episode 126, where we talked about new optimizer features in MySQL 5.6.

MariaDB optimizer feature comparison matrix, comparing MySQL 5.5, 5.6, MariaDB 5.5 and 10.

Block Hash Join algorithm

multi-range read optimization in MariaDB 10. This has some fantastic graphics for what's going on.

MariaDB has a better choice between range and index_merge optimizations.

MariaDB's subquery cache including how to see the subquery cache hit ratio.

Subquery exists-to-in optimization

Index_merge sort-intersection optimization.

Ear Candy
MariaDB Threadpool

This week in At the Movies, we present Raising the Bar with Oracle's Tomas Ulin. This is the keynote Tomas gave at the recent Percona Live conference about where MySQL development is going and what new features are coming up.

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