OurSQL Episode 180: Sharing the Load

This week we talk to Justin Swanhart about Shard-Query, a massively parallel processing query engine for MySQL. Ear candy is about mydumper, and At the Movies is "Common Deadly MySQL Development Mistakes."

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Shard-Query code on github
Shard-Query can spread queries over space (multiple machines).

MySQL's Fabric (brief intro to fabric) is a sharding solution great for OLTP, but it can only access one machine at a time. Shard-Query is good for OLAP applications, and can access machines in parallel.

Shard-Query does not have any particular tool to help you find the "right" shard key, but Justin gives a few scenarios in the podcast to figure out what kind of shard key you want.

paqu, a fork of Shard-Query used to store images from space.

Ear Candy
In this week's ear candy, we talk about mydumper for logical backups, and its newest release.

At the movies
This week we present Common Deadly MySQL Development Mistakes. This is one of the Percona webinars, so you need to give your e-mail address for it.

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