OurSQL Episode 179: MySQL's Materialized Views

This week, we interviewed longtime community member and Percona principal support engineer Justin Swanhart about Flexviews, a tool for Materialized Views in MySQL. Ear Candy is about the EXPLAIN analyzer, and At the Movies is about "Advanced MySQL Replication Architectures and Latest Developments".

Justin Swanhart's open source tools
ABOUT Flexviews - "Flexviews is a unique toolkit for the creation and upkeep of MATERIALIZED VIEWS for MySQL."

Justin's blog post on materialized views - from 2011, a 3-part series on how Flexviews works and how to install and use it. Note that the installation instructions are out of date as flexviews is now on Github, not Google Code.

FlexCDC - change data capture - uses MySQL binlog to figure out what has changed in the database, records changes into the mvlog tables.

The materialized views in flexviews only allows INNER JOINs, not OUTER joins.

Installs in its own "flexviews" schema, uses stored procedures.

MariaDB Knowledgebase on Flexviews

Inspiration: How to roll a join from 2000. Flexviews uses the ideas in the paper, but goes above and beyond to use aggregate views as well (e.g., MIN, MAX, SUM, COUNT).

Ear Candy
EXPLAIN analyzer from MariaDB - shows the query, a human-readable version of the table itself, and pop-up explanations to clarify. Can be easily shared with others with the click of a button.

At the movies
This week we present Andrew Morgan and Lars Thalmann talking about Advanced MySQL Replication Architectures and Latest Developments. This is one of the MySQL on-demand webinars.

Where You Can See Us
Gerry will be at the April Seattle MySQL Meetup Group on Monday, April 14th. where Steve Barker of Sphinx will talk about their full text search engine.

Sheeri will be at the April Boston MySQL User Group on Monday, April 21st, where we'll have a talk by Ola Mayer, Product Manager at Attunity.

Gerry will be at Linuxfest Northwest the weekend of April 26th and 27th where he'll be giving a talk: MariaDB Manager, How To Make HA Deployments Easy.

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