OurSQL Episode 178: License to Use

This week we discuss more software licenses, concluding our 3-part series on licenses. Ear Candy is what happens when ALTER TABLE crashes, and At the Movies is Jon Day of SkySQL presenting MaxScale.

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More licenses
Episode 146, on GPL-based software licenses
Episode 177, on non-software licenses

Luis Villa's Wikipedia page.

BSD license at Wikipedia - BSD stands for "Berkeley Software Distribution"
Original BSD license at gnu.org
Gnu.org website on the philosophy of the BSD license

Modified BSD license at gnu.org, also called 3-clause BSD.

Apache license - which also covers patent licensing, which BSD license does not. This has not yet come up in case law as far as we know.

Perl Artistic License at gnu.org, this is what Percona Toolkit uses.

WTFPL - "do whatever you want" license, at gnu.org
The actual text of the WTFPL - some listeners might want to note that there is foul language in that link.

Mozilla Public (MPL) license at the Free Software Foundation Wiki.
MPL license at gnu.org.

PostgreSQL License

Ear Candy
SQL Engine vs. storage engines, what happens when an ALTER TABLE crashes, and how to test for inconsistencies in Percona's patched server.

At the movies
This week in At the Movies we present Jon Day of SkySQL presenting MaxScale at the March 2014 Boston MySQL User Group.

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