OurSQL Episode 177: Artistic License

This week, we sat down with Luis Villa about non-software licenses. Ear Candy is and At the Movies is Sheeri talking about Percona Replication Manager at the Boston MySQL User Group a few years ago.

Non-software Licenses
Luis Villa's Wikipedia page.

Back in episode 146, we talked about the GPL open source license, and its versions and derivatives.

Database directive at Wikipedia. In the EU, you can license a database.

Creative Commons, licenses for non-software, creative works.

Wikidata - structured data you can access via an API for a source of truth for Wikipedia data.

Creative Commons Zero license

Open Street Maps

Open Database License

Ear Candy
Improper representations of unsigned tiny int with mysqldump

At the movies
This week in At the Movies we present Sheeri Cabral of Mozilla talking about Percona Replication Manager for high availability and automatic failover. This presentation was recorded 2 months ago at the Boston MySQL User Group.

Where you can see us
Sheeri will be at the April Boston MySQL User Group on Monday, April 21st, where we'll have a talk by Ola Mayer, Product Manager at Attunity.

Gerry will be at the April Seattle MySQL Meetup Group on Monday, April 14th where Steve Barker from Sphinx will talking about full text search.

Gerry will also be at Percona Live, April 1st through 4th, at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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