OurSQL Episode 173: Time for Percona Live

This week, we talk about the new and innovative talks appearing at Percona Live. Ear Candy is about warming up the innodb buffer pool cache, and At the Movies talks about zero-cost joins.

Pecona Live
Percona Live 2014 is Tuesady April 1st through Friday April 5th at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California.

Percona Live 2014 conference site

Register for Percona Live - save $100 if you register on or before March 2nd!

program, including a link to the new Code of Conduct

Wed April 2 Community Dinner

Tutorial schedule

Day 1 sessions (Wed April 2nd)

Episode 172, where we talked about MaxScale

Day 2 sessions (Thu April 3rd)

Episode 155, where we talked about Fabric

Day 3 sessions (Fri Apr 4th)

Ear Candy
Marco Altmann's blog post about exporting and importing the InnoDB Buffer Pool
using innodb_lru_dump_restore

At the movies
This week in at the movies, we present a talk called A Relational Database System in Which Joins Cost Zero. Ori Herrnstadt introduces the Akiban database which solves the problem of joins and combines the best of relational and document databases. This talk was recorded at last year's Strangeloop conference.

Where you can see us
Sheeri will be at the March Boston MySQL User Group on Monday, March 10th.

Gerry will be at the March Seattle MySQL Meetup Group on Monday, March 10th.

You can also see Gerry at Percona Live, April 1st through 4th at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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