OurSQL Episode 170: Auto-failover, part 2

This week we discuss administering Percona Replication Manager. Ear Candy is about repository packages from MariaDB and Oracle, and At the Movies presents a Riak engineer talking about "convergent replicated data types" - data structures that tolerate eventual consistency.

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Percona Replication Manager Part 2
Episode 168, where we discussed how to install and configure a Percona Replication Manager cluster

Adding a new node to Percona Replication Manager

More information about Pacemaker
The official docs for Percona's pacemaker agents, which may be confusing to some
Percona's announcement about PRM, with some interesting comments at the bottom

When adding a new node, here is how you can increment the "clone-max" attribute:

ms ms_MySQL p_mysql  meta master-max="1" master-node-max="1" clone-max="3" \
clone-node-max="1" notify="true" globally-unique="false" target-role="Master" is-managed="true"

(this assumes that up to this point, clone-max was set to 2 - one master and one slave)

Testing failover with Percona Replication Manager

How to repair replication

Why isn't my slave being used for reads?

Marking a server to not be promoted to a master role

Configuring special read slaves

How to clean up Pacemaker errors
crm resource cleanup <primitive>:<instance #>

Preventing Failback

STONITH devices

Debugging the MySQL resource agent


Advanced topics with PRM including how to configure PRM without VIPs or multicast (for use in the cloud) and how to use heartbeat instead of corosync

Ear Candy
We talk about a gotcha with the default my.cnf files in packages not having all the proper directories in order to use certain utilities.

At the movies
This week in at the movies, we highlight a presentation by Sean Cribbs of Basho, the company that makes Riak. Sean talks about Convergent Replicated Data Types, data structures that tolerate eventual consistency.

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