OurSQL Episode 168: Autofailover, part 1

This week we discuss setting up Percona Replication Manager. Ear Candy is playing with Unicode to make seasonal pictures and At the Movies is about systems performance with lots of MySQL examples.

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Percona Replication Manager
First announcement of Percona Replication Manager


corosync.conf configuration file
sample corosync configuration file
Example of using corosync-objctl to verify nodes are communicating with each other

/etc/corosync/service.d/pacemaker sample:

service {
      name: pacemaker
      ver: 1

Starting Pacemaker

Percona pacemaker agents on github - for downloading, or have the proper version of resource-agents

The master/slave clone set for pacemaker.

Setting up virtual IP addresses

"crm configure show" output

testing failover

quorum with 2 hosts, and disabling stonith.

Ear Candy
In this week's ear candy, we're going to play a little with Unicode character encoding (special thanks to Kolbe Kegel) and some MySQL functions to manipulate them.

use my_db
create function emoji (e char(10)) returns char(12) deterministic return concat(hex(convert(convert(unhex(lpad(e,8,'0')) using utf32) using utf8mb4)),'2020');
select emoji();


symbola font for Linux machines

Make emoji work in Linux

sudo apt-get install ttf-ancient-fonts

sudo yum install gdouros-symbola-fonts

mysql -u username -p -eNB "select emoji('1F384')" my_db | xxd -r -ps

full charset for emoji

If you want to check your output, you can see what happens.

At the movies
This week in At the Movies, we feature Brendan Gregg of Joyent, also the primary author of Dtrace, talking about "The New Systems Performance - Enterprise and the Cloud". You can see the video or just look at the slides (PDF).

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