OurSQL Episode 163: Moving Along

This week we discuss MySQL's Migration Toolkit. Ear Candy is about the replication format as it propagates through multi-tier master and slaves; At the Movies is Distributed Data Analysis with Hadoop and R.

MySQL Migration Toolkit
Episode 161 where we talked about how MySQL Workbench is a replacement for the older MySQL GUI Tools, including the MySQL Migration Toolkit.

New Migration Toolkit in MySQL Workbench.
Installing ODBC Drivers for use with the Migration Toolkit.

How database concepts map to each other - for example, autoincrement, case sensitivity of object names, tablespaces, etc.

Visual migration tutorial
Details of each page

Microsoft SQL Server specific migration notes
Postgres specific migration notes

Ear Candy
Today's ear candy is about replication format as it propagates through multi-tier master and slaves.

checking binlog_format with pt-table-checksum

OurSQL episode 67 where we talked about high availability and replication

At the Movies
This week in At the Movies, we present Distributed Data Analysis with Hadoop and R. In this talk given at the Strangeloop Conference, Jonathan Seidman and Ramesh Venkataramaiah of the travel site Orbitz present how they run R on Hadoop in order to perform distributed analysis on large data sets, including some alternatives to their solution.

Where you can see us
Gerry will be at the December Seattle MySQL Meetup on Monday Dec 9th at 6:30pm at the new Twitter offices in Seattle where we'll talk how to diagnose and solve some common problems in MySQL.

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