OurSQL Episode 162: Exploring Workbench Further

This week we explore MySQL Workbench further. Ear Candy is Stewart Smith's 'libeatmydata' and At the Movies is a video to help folks familiar with SQL learn how to use Riak's MapReduce.

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MySQL Workbench, part 2
Data editing tutorial

Navigator panel

Creating the dvd_collection schema

The SQL Editor screen

Information panel

SQL Editor Query Panel


automatic SQL and PHP code generation

Documenting the data model (commercial version feature)

Ear Candy
libeatmydata - A great idea for testing environments.

At the Movies
This week we present a video from the Strangeloop 2012 conference, called Wrap your SQL Head Around Riak MapReduce. Sean Cribbs of Basho explains what Map-Reduce and Riak are, why and how to use Map-Reduce with Riak, and how to convert SQL queries into their Map-Reduce equivalents.

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