OurSQL Episode 158: Know Your Forks

This week we discuss features of Percona Server 5.6 compared to MySQL 5.6. Ear Candy is about pt-upgrade, and At the Movies is a set of lightning talks.

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Percona Live London 2013 is happening Monday November 11th and Tuesday November 12th, 2013 at the Millenium Gloucester Conference Center

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Percona Server 5.6
Percona Server 5.6 is GA
We covered MySQL version 5.6 extensively in 10 episodes of the podcast:
Episode 125
Episode 126
Episode 127
Episode 128
Episode 129
Episode 130
Episode 131
Episode 132
Episode 133
Episode 135

MariaDB version numbers

ALL_O_DIRECT value for innodb_flush_method
innodb_flush_method in the MySQL manual.

Statement timeout, taken from Twitter's patch to MySQL which limits execution time of a given query (as of the time of this podcast, this particular feature is still considered in alpha stage, even though the release is GA)

Extension of SELECT...INFO to support Unix sockets and Windows Named pipes and the original bug requesting this feature.

XtraDB performance improvements in Percona Server 5.6:

page cleaner thread options, including innodb_cleaner_lsn_age_factor.

Behavior for the legacy algorithm (innodb_cleaner_lsn_age_factor='legacy') is documented in 3 different bugs:
bug 69170
bug 70453
bug 68481

How multiple buffer pool instances work by Mikael Ronstrom

Official release notes for Percona Server 5.6.13-61.0
Percona Server on Launchpad including the source code

Ear Candy

Simplest form:
pt-upgrade h=host1 h=host2 slow.log

Create the reference output from host1, and use it to test on host2:

pt-upgrade h=host1 --save-results host1_results/slow.log
pt-upgrade host1_results/ h=host2

At the Movies
This week in At the Movies, we present 9 5-minute lightning talks from the Boston Back Bay LISA user group a few months ago. Back Bay LISA is a systems administration group, so topics range from MySQL and Puppet, to group encryption, securely erasing USB sticks using a Raspberry Pi device, using Amazon for cheap SMS, and even soft topics like mentoring and cooking.

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