OurSQL Episode 157: More Than One Master

This week we interview Luis Soares about multi-source replication. Ear Candy is about memory allocation with FEDERATED and FEDERATEDX storage engines, and At the Movies is about increasing performance by archiving data.

Download the multi-source replication MySQL server snapshot at labs.
Enabling MySQL multi-source replication on Luis' blog,
A quick introduction to multi-source replication, with an example

Replication Forums
Planet MySQL, an aggregate of MySQL-related blogs
MySQL Bugs Database - to file bug/feature requests
MySQL Replication mailing list

Ear Candy
In this week's ear candy, we talk about memory allocation with FEDERATED and FEDERATEDX storage engines.
FEDERATEDX manual page on mariadb.com
sysbench on sourceforge and a good article on sysbench

ALTER TABLE sbench ENGINE="FEDERATED" CONNECTION="mysql://username:password@hostname:port/database/tablename";

CONNECT storage engine in MariaDB that uses connectors to access remote tables, a good replacement for FEDERATED or FEDERATEDX tables.

At the Movies
This week in At the Movies, we present Increasing MySQL Performance through Aggressive Data Archiving by David Berube. David gave this talk at Percona Live and repeated it for the July Boston meetup group a few months ago.

Where You Can See us
Gerry will be at SeaGL, the new Seattle GNU/Linux Conference, a grass roots event happening in Seattle Oct 11th and 12th. I will be giving a talk on Friday Oct 11th, right before leaving for Buenos Aires where ...

Gerry will also be at the 2nd MySQL, NoSQL, and Cloud Conference & Expo Tuesday, October 15th through Wednesday October 16th, 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sheeri will be at the October Boston User Group meeting on Monday, October 14th at 7 pm.

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