OurSQL Episode 155: Tooling Around, Part 5

In this episode, we finish our series about the MySQL Utilities. Ear Candy is pt-stalk, and At the Movies is a fast parallel query engine.

MySQL Utilities part 5

Part 1 of MySQL Utilities
Part 2 of MySQL Utilities
Part 3 of MySQL Utilities
Part 4 of MySQL Utilities


[bugzilla2]$ mysqlrplcheck --master=root:PASS@bugzilla1 --slave=root:PASS@localhost:/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock   
# master on bugzilla1: ... connected.
# slave on localhost: ... connected.
Test Description                                                     Status
Checking for binary logging on master                                [pass]
Are there binlog exceptions?                                         [pass]
Replication user exists?                                             [FAIL]

The replication user repl@localhost was not found on bugzilla1:3306.

Checking server_id values                                            [pass]
Checking server_uuid values                                          [pass]
Is slave connected to master?                                        [pass]
Check master information file                                        [pass]
Checking InnoDB compatibility                                        [pass]
Checking storage engines compatibility                               [pass]
Checking lower_case_table_names settings                             [pass]
Checking slave delay (seconds behind master)                         [pass]
# ...done.


Compared to pt-show-grants
Episode 80, where we reviewed pt-show-grants.


Ear Candy
Episode 150, where we talked about mysqladmin's relative option

At the Movies
This week in at the movies, we present "Introduction to Parallel Universe" by
Hiromichi of Parallel Universe, Inc. Parallel Universe has a fast parallel query engine. It is created by extending MySQL server architecture and runs on commodity server hardware. Speed is achieved by processing tables in parallel utilizing multiple core/CPU of server hardware and scalable to large joins.

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