OurSQL Episode 143: Biblical Tools

This week we start to discuss the Openark Toolkit. Ear Candy talks about how to estimate the size of MySQL's working set, and At the Movies is a backup presentation from Open Database Camp.

Openark Kit series:
Part 2
Part 3

Openark Kit
Openark Kit

Episode 80, discussing the Percona Toolkit
Episode 129, interview with Shlomi about Percona Live.

Download Openark Kit - under the BSD license.

Common options:
-u or --user
-p or --password
-H or --host
-P or --port
-S or --socket
-v or --verbose

oak-apply-ri - apply referential integrity to tables without automatic support for it. For example, find orphan rows or cascade deletes. Specify the --child and --parent fields as fully qualified field names (with schema.table.fieldname). Large operations can be chunked and have sleeps in between chunks, to reduce load on the server and replication lag. Validations can also be done.

oak-block-account - allows you to block and unblock mysql users. You can choose to block or reinstate a user@host, or a username which will work for accounts from any host, or a host which will work for all users on that host. You can also choose to kill open connections from the user(s) you block.

oak-chunk-update - allows you to chunk UPDATE or DELETE queries to avoid large transactions, heavy load, and replication lag. You can see progress or avoid replication if you desire. The manual page has great examples.

oak-get-slave-lag - Allows monitoring of slave lag and return a non-zero error code if the slave lags more than a given threshold. Uses Seconds_Behind_Master.

Ear Candy
Morgan Tocker's article on how to estimate MySQL's working set using INFORMATION_SCHEMA. This can help determine the optimal value of the innodb_buffer_pool_size.

At the Movies
This week in at the movies, we present the last video from Open Database Camp, held 10 weeks ago in Cambridge, MA. The video is Sheeri Cabral of Mozilla, presenting "MySQL Backups". MySQL Backups presentation by Sheeri Cabral.

Where you can see us
Sheeri will be speaking and assisting at Wise Bootcamp for women in science and engineering, June 23-24 at the microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge, MA.

Gerry will be at the July Seattle MySQL User Group meeting on Monday July 1st.

Sheeri will be at the July Boston MySQL User Group meeting on Monday July 8th. David Berube of Berube Consulting will talk about "Increasing MySQL Performance through Aggressive Data Archiving Database". This talk comes straight from its debut at Percona Live back in April, except of course it's free to anyone in the Boston area.

Sheeri will speak about Performance Schema on Monday July 29th, in Oracle's Tokyo Office.

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