OurSQL Episode 137: Playing in the Sandbox

This week we talk to Giuseppe Maxia about MySQL Sandbox. Ear Candy is about table_open_cache, Open_tables and Opened_tables, and At the Movies features MariaDB.

MySQL Sandbox
MySQL Sandbox

MariaDB slave of a master:

make sandbox mysql-tarball --master
make sandbox mariadb-tarball --slaveof master-port=foo


./my sqldump instancename

Remote mysql sandbox deploy:

deploy remote sandboxes -m MySQLVer -l list,of,servers

Get MySQL Sandbox on Launchpad

Giuseppe's CPAN modules including MySQL Sandbox. The current version as of the time of this writing is MySQL Sandbox 3.0.33

Ear Candy
In this week's Ear Candy, we discuss table_open_cache, Open_tables and Opened_tables, including an article on Opened_tables. We also talked about some of these variables in episode 133.

At the Movies
This week in At the Movies we present MySQL and MariaDB: Past, Present and Future by Max Mether of SkySQL delivered a month ago at the Open Database Camp in conjunction with Northeast LinuxFest.

Where you can see us
Gerry will be at the May Seattle MySQL Meetup on Monday May 6th at the surf incubator where we're going to attend a show and tell session showing some easy to use monitoring tools for MySQL that are adequate for smaller installation or implement some quick and easy instrumentation.

Sheeri will be at the May Boston MySQL User Group meeting on Monday May 13th at MIT, where we will learn about VoltDB.

Sheeri will be speaking and assisting at Wise Bootcamp for women in science and engineering, June 23-24 in Boston.

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